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Technical wearables with built in performance and comfort features to benefit health and wellbeing

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Xirotex Moisture Management

Revolutionary moisture and odor management 

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Xirotex Fabrics

Innovative textiles proven in lab tests to deliver technical performence

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What makes our mask special?

I tried the Xirotex mask for working out and could not believe how comfortable it was through a cardio and weight circuit.  

Adam C.

 My sister gifted me the Xirotex mask as I need to wear one all day to work.  After a while I forgot it was on.  I had peace of mind knowing I was protected.

Carolyn F.

So comfortable and seriously great breathability.  I am going back for more.

Jill S.

Everyone needs these!  Buy for your whole family.  I was familiar with Xirotex fabrics so this is a no brainer in terms of the performance.

Michael T.

Best in class moisture management

Xirotex Moisture Management

The hero of the Xirotex Family, getting rave reviews the world over for revolutionary moisture management.  Xirotex moisture management fabric moves moisture 10 times faster than the next best competitor, through innovative capillary structure at the fibre level combined with dual layer fabric construction.  Xirotex  effectively eliminates moisture and bacteria from the skin surface.

Xirotex innovation is a push pull mechanism; moisture is rapidly pulled from the skin through the fibres to the fabric surface where there is a spreading radius allowing for quick evaporation and push effect into the air.  The result is dry against the skin in less than 10 seconds.

When comparing the speed at which moisture is pulled away from the skin in independent lab tests (measured using standard MMT & OMMC test protocols) Xirotex tm performs 10 times more effectively at eliminating perspiration and bacteria than the next best competitor brand claiming moisture wicking.